I'm DeAnna

I’ve had camera in hand for many years, observing and shooting.  The present is fleeting – in one second it turns into the past.  I was compelled to capture as much of the present as possible,

just in case,

you know,

I forgot what I was feeling.

This was my answer to keeping my memories safe.


Then one day, I decided I wanted to share this with others and so Scott Photography was born.


Behind my lens my world is filled with new life, established life, many generations of lives made rich with experiences and memories ~ my clients.  I spend time with them, getting to know them, encouraging them to smile but in the end simply hoping they are comfortable  and leave feeling wonderful.

Then I spend time with their images; my editing style is simple, clean and pure.

But I should also confess that I’ve got a magical little creative side, it all depends on what my clients want.

Standing next to my lens I am a mom to boy/girl twins, a wife of 20+ years, an animal lover who can call dogs, guinea pigs and doves her furred and feathered companions.  I love Stephen King, ghosts, sweets, holidays, making challah and hamantaschen.

So let’s meet – I want to take your photo.


Email me  – Call or text:  805.258.3173